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exigent |

/ ˈek-sə-jənt /

Adjective: Requiring immediate action or aid; urgent; pressing.

We are a green energy consulting firm specializing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure projects.

By making connections throughout our network of top-notch professionals in the green economy, we facilitate energy efficiency, sustainable development, and smart transportation to help organizations realize their electrification goals.

We commit to move towards a greener future by making choices that are better for our communities and our planet. Through the implementation of more efficient technologies that reduce emissions, we can ensure a green and growing world for future generations.

Past Projects

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The Team Behind the Dream

Adventurers, Social Entrepreneurs, Husband and Wife

We are Richard and Nicole Ivity.

Our primary goal is to create long-term impact and to help elevate anyone and everyone who we come into contact with.

With such pressing environmental issues at the forefront of many of today’s minds, we formed Exigent Endeavors, a driving force that moves toward solving what we feel is today’s most pressing matter: climate change.

In our lifetimes so far and in our travels we have seen this first-hand, and so we wanted to make a difference through the work that we can do and the decisions we can make today.

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If you have a project in mind, or if you see value in collaborating with us in other ways, we welcome you to reach out!